When Hank Thompson asked his stagehand Ben Dorcy to go out on the road in 1950, he altered the course of American history, creating the first ever roadie.

In this feature documentary currently in development, KING OF THE ROADIES, artists like Willie Nelson and Johnny Bush recall personal tales of life on the road with Ben –  the adventures and misadventures that made him such an integral part of their lives, and that have inevitably shaped country music history as we know it.  It explores the personal story of a living legend while challenging the preconceived notions of what it means to grow old.  Respect your elders, especially those who are running circles around you. A living example of mind over matter, He keeps going simply because he never stopped.

Directors Trevor Doyle Nelson and Amy Nelson present KING OF THE ROADIES as a human interest piece about a man that is larger than life.  This documentary film will be narrated by Ben’s good friend and longtime colleague, Willie Nelson. The filmmakers hope to complete the film by the end of 2015.

Willie, Johnny Bush, Kinky Friedman, Jack Ingram, Jamey Johnson and other artists discuss the mysteries and tales of a living legend, Ben Dorcy.

Ben is somewhere still touring right now. He could be in your town for all you know. Rest easy knowing that a 90 year old man is still literally keeping the show on the road.

Our Story

Ben Dorcy is a legend among the legends, yet relatively obscure to the rest of the world.  We grew up knowing Ben, and we are mystified by his resilience, dedication, and longevity.  When we realized that his story was untold, we saw a void that had to be filled.

Ben Dorcy is an originator, and a part of music history.  His life should be documented.  His longevity and perseverance and adaptability inspire all who see him. Perhaps it will make the viewer more aware of the people they have overlooked. Perhaps it will make one reassess what it means to be “old”.